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03/02/2017 03:27:05 PM


by Judith Koziol

Three years ago I had a wonderful and definitely life-changing experience! Someone suggested I check out an Ageless Grace class at ACAC. I did not know what to expect as I walked into a room of 20 or so men and women and 1 educator, all seated with their shoes off.

Then the music started. Wow! Each lively song focused on different body movements. It was a great workout and a whole lot of fun. It allowed me to enjoy myself, exercise and improve my brain function. I liked it so much that I trained and became a Certified Ageless Grace Educator!

This is what I learned: The Ageless Grace program – 21 simple tools for lifelong comfort and ease – can be done by almost anyone of any age or ability (I am currently teaching groups of active and independent seniors, assisted living facility residents and nursing home healthcare residents as well as my own grandchildren). The exercises are practiced in a chair and the movements are natural and organic-with no need to learn any special choreography. Each of the 21 tools focuses on anti-aging techniques (e.g. joint mobility, spinal flexibility, brain stimulation, balance, confidence, imagination and playfulness). The easy-to-learn tools of Ageless Grace promote the “three r’s of lifelong comfort and ease–not reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic, but the ability to respond, recover and react efficiently and safely as we age.

Ageless Grace is taught in groups, one-to-one and even at home on one’s own. Turn on some music, sit down and move! Better yet, call me and join an ongoing group or create one.

“Try it, you’ll like it!!!”

“I have taken Judith Koziol’s class and she is a wonderful teacher and makes the class very enjoyable. For those of us of an age where “things” like joints and muscles are sore, this class makes all the sense in the world.” ~Lesley Greenberg

“Judith Koziol is an enthusiastic, energetic and extremely encouraging teacher of Ageless Grace. I have found that the classes she teaches are safe and benefit both my mind and my body. Most of all, these classes are fun, fun, fun!” ~Karen Olshansky 

“Great exercise and great fun happens when you take Judith’s Ageless Grace class! The music is perfect, Judith gets everyone involved and you’re smiling and laughing while getting a total workout. It rocks!” ~Susan Meyers

Editor’s Note:

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