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Beit Midrash (Adult Education) 2022-2023

In-person classes are for members only. Non-members may register for hybrid/virtual classes. 

Each class is $54 a session. Hybrid/Virtual Classes available as noted. 

First Period: 6:30pm-7:35pm
Second Period: 7:45pm-8:35pm

Spring Session Course Descriptions

Mondays March 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, April 17th, 24th
— First Period (6:30–7:35pm) —
Beth Ahabah choir (no cost)
INSTRUCTOR: music director and cantor
Join Cantor Beck-Berman and Music Director Natan Berenshteyn in rehearsals for the Beth Ahabah Choir, which sings once a month at services from November through April. No previous experience required, just a love of singing! Monday night sessions will be
rehearsals leading up to each monthly Shabbat service featuring the Beth Ahabah Choir. For more information about the choir please contact the Cantor at *Please note* that to be eligible to join the choir, you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including whatever boosters are recommended for your individual timeline/situation.   
do the right thing: introduction to mussar, directing our inner drives, wounds, and appetites to a better life through judaism (virtual option available)
INSTRUCTOR: rabbi scott nagel
Why is it hard to be good? It is a question Jewish thinkers have been asking for more than 1,000 years. While the commandments in the Torah and other Jewish texts are laid out clearly, people often have a hard time following them. Mussar is a Jewish spiritual practice that gives concrete instructions on how to live a meaningful and ethical life.  Mussar is based on the idea that by cultivating inner virtues, we improve ourselves. This contrasts with most Jewish ethical teachings, which are rule-based. Mussar on the other do the right thing: introduction to mussar, directing our inner drives, wounds, and appetites to a better life through judaism hand, is personal and based not on rules but ideas and it offers opportunities for personal transformation through a unique Jewish lens. Mussar masters recognized that simply learning about kindness does not make us more kind. Moreover, they understood that our inner drives, wounds, and appetites can manifest as the Yetzer Hara (the Evil Inclination), actively preventing us from behaving as we know we should. One Mussar teacher, Rabbi Elya Lopian (1876-1970), described Mussar as “teaching the heart what the mind already understands.” Together in this introduction to Mussar Class we will be looking at the main principles of the Mussar Movement and turn learning about kindness into action in our everyday lives.
everything you need to know about judaism before you become an adult
INSTRUCTOR: matt gaskin
A fun exploration of Jewish knowledge. The class will explore two topics a class. Students will also have the opportunity to submit questions for discussion the following week.  
— Second  Period (7:45pm–8:35PM) —
everything you never knew about the torah scroll  (virtual option available)
INSTRUCTOR: Cantor Sarah Beck-Berman
How long does it take to write a Torah scroll? How is it done? Why is the Torah decorated with a mantle and silver decorations? Why are some letters in the Torah larger or smaller than the rest? All these questions and more will be answered in this class all about Torah scrolls led by Cantor Beck-Berman! (No Hebrew skills needed.)
jewish cooking with chef dan scherotter: SPRING MENU
INSTRUCTOR: chef dan scherotter
Jewish Cooking stretches far beyond kasha, cabbage and brisket. This class will explore how Jews have navigated the myriad of challenges imposed by dietary restrictions and mother nature throughout the European diaspora. Season by season we will prepare dishes each week that collectively form a banquet, from appetizer to dessert. Each term teaches a different meal, various cooking techniques, and ingredients that pair with the Jewish holiday calendar. By the end of the term you will have a complete banquet
cookbook for the season. From caviar to sabayon, these dishes highlight the influence of Jews on fine dining as we know it.
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Fri, February 3 2023 12 Sh'vat 5783