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Beit Midrash (Adult Education) 2023-24

In-person classes are for members only. Non-members may register for hybrid/virtual classes. 

Each class is $54 a session. Hybrid/Virtual Classes available as noted. 


Dinner 5:45pm-6:30pm
First Period: 6:30pm-7:30pm
Second Period: 7:40pm-8:40pm

Winter Session Course Descriptions

Mondays January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, February 5th, and 12th
— First Period (6:30–7:30pm) —
VOLUNTEER choir (no cost)
INSTRUCTORS: music director and cantor
Join Cantor Beck-Berman and Music Director Natan Berenshteyn in rehearsals for the Beth Ahabah Choir, which sings once a month at services from October through April. No previous experience required, just a love of singing! 
Ongoing Monday night rehearsals review and prepare for monthly Shabbat services featuring the Beth Ahabah Choir. If this session will be your first time joining the choir, please reach out to the Cantor, and she will be happy to schedule a private introductory session to review the basics of choral singing.
For more information about the choir please contact the Cantor at
JEWS AND THE TITANIC! (virtual option available)
INSTRUCTOR: rabbi scott nagel
Did you know the Titanic had a dedicated Kosher Kitchen and Kosher Chef? On the Titanic’s maiden (and only) voyage there were wealthy Jews from the elite of American Jewry on their way back from winter vacations in Europe, as well as many Jews from Eastern Europe down in steerage fleeing pogroms, persecution, and Anti-Semitism on their way to start a new life in the promised land of America. We will look at the story of the Titanic from a Jewish perspective, not only exploring the lives and deaths of the Jews on board, but how the disaster affected the Jewish world at large. We will also explore how Judaism influenced the way the bodies of the deceased were recovered, identified and treated, as well as the repercussions within the Jewish community for those people who were never found. We will conclude by sharing some particularly Jewish sermons, songs, essays, and other media responding to and dealing with this tragedy, as we remind ourselves how resilient and strong our community can be
— Second  Period (7:40pm–8:40PM) —
JEWISH HOME RITUALS  (virtual option available)
INSTRUCTOR: Cantor Sarah Beck-Berman
Join the Cantor for an overview of the basics of Jewish Home Rituals. There are many aspects of “doing Jewish” that center in the home, including lighting candles for Shabbat, ending shabbat with Havdalah, lighting Chanukah candles, holding a Passover Seder, hanging a Mezuzah, cooking and eating festival meals, and more!
jewish cooking with chef dan scherotter: WINTER MENU
INSTRUCTOR: chef dan scherotter
Jewish Cooking stretches far beyond kasha, cabbage and brisket. This class will explore how Jews have navigated the myriad of challenges imposed by dietary restrictions and mother nature throughout the European diaspora. Season by season we will prepare dishes each week that collectively form a banquet, from appetizer to dessert. Each term teaches a different meal, various cooking techniques, and ingredients that pair with the Jewish holiday calendar. By the end of the term you will have a complete banquet cookbook for the season. From caviar to sabayon, these dishes highlight the influence of Jews on fine dining as we know it.

Beit Midrash Winter Session 2023-24

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Winter Session: Meets Mondays January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, February 5th, and 12th

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