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URJ Camps! and Israel Summer Programs

Beth Ahabah Loves Camps! 

At camp, a lifelong Jewish identity is created through fun activities and strong friendships as well as a better understanding of Jewish life. Studies have shown that Jewish camping and visiting Israel greatly increases a youth’s sense of pride and connection to Judaism, and leads to a greater likeliness of strongly identifying as a Jew in adulthood.

Please see below for information on Camp Harlam (our regional URJ Camp) and the three URJ Specialty Camps!

Information about summer and other programs for teens in Israel
can be found at the bottom of this page and also on the URJ Yallah! page HERE.

Information about scholarship and financial aid opportunities can be found HERE 
(make sure to see local and congregational opportunities on page 2)
and a Scholarship Request form can be found  HERE.
Each program also has information about scholarships and Financial Aid on their website. 

Rabbi Nagel is happy to speak with families about camp and Israel travel programs!
Email him at

Camp Harlam

Camp Harlam is our regional  URJ Camp.  

Nestled in the foothills of the magnificent Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Camp Harlam provides the finest in Jewish Camping. Established in 1958, Camp Harlam has developed a strong tradition of success and excellence based on a highly skilled staff dedicated to the spiritual, physical, social and emotional well-being of each child, while building lifelong relationships between friends.

Camp Harlam is one of 15 Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) overnight camps across North America. Camp Harlam opened in 1958 and has grown to its present size with a 300-acre facility, a population of approximately 550 campers each session, and a staff of over 225 exceptional role models.

The Camp Harlam family consists of smaller communities within Junior Camp, Senior Camp, and the Gesher (Counselor in Training) Program. Junior and Senior Camps are further broken down into units based on a child’s school grade to create a more intimate and age-appropriate experience for our campers.

Find out more information click here URJ’s Camp Harlam:


6 Points Sports Academy

At URJ 6 Points Sports Academy, young Jewish athletes from across +33 states and 7 countries participate in a unique camping experience that combines professional sports coaching and the beloved traditions of Reform Jewish camping.

Our programs are open to athletes entering grades 4 through 11.

Campers feed their passion for sports at 6 Points and strengthen their identity as Jewish athletes! Our unique approach to Jewish education promotes Jewish identity building throughout the course of each day. Our campers not only improve their athletic abilities, they build self-confidence, strong connections to their peers and grow into proud Jewish athletes.

Find out more information here, 6 Points Sports:


6 Points Creative Arts Academy

 6 Points Creative Arts Academy is a vibrant, fast-paced, communal living environment where young artists develop their passions and explore new skills. Through the integration of the Arts and Judaism, campers can be their whole selves in a warm, inclusive, like-minded community. Passion and a desire to build on their skills are the key components for camper success at CAA.

Find out more here  Six Points Arts:

6 Points Sci-Tech Academy

URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy is the Jewish camp that curious minds have been waiting for! At 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy scientific inquiry meets fun. Campers entering grades 4-10 spend two weeks exploring robotics, video game design, science, digital media, and a host of other fun activities in a friendly setting with campers who share similar interests. Our oldest campers in grades 11 and 12 take their STEM learning to the next level through our teen leadership programs, where they learn how to make the world a more whole, just, and compassionate place through science and technology.

Located just outside of Boston’s science and technology corridor on the campus of the beautiful GOVERNOR’S ACADEMY BOARDING SCHOOL, 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy offers all of the advantages of a top-quality educational facility along with access to the best and brightest minds in the Jewish science and technology community.

Throughout their experience, campers explore what Judaism means to them—and how this complements their interests in science and technology. Campers gain an understanding of their place in the long history of the Jewish people’s contributions to science and technology.

Find out more here



 Programs in Israel for Teens

The URJ offers trips for teens to explore Israel through the lenses of history, adventure, sci-tech, eco and social justice or  gender identity, LGBTQ+ community, and allyship. There is also a High School semester program, Heller High, find out more below! 

Hey Teens! Yallah! Israel is the most Insta-worthy thing you can possibly do this summer. You get to see the sunrise from a mountaintop. You get to eat real Mediterranean cuisine, from pita right off the fire to rows of pastries glistening with honey. You get to visit ancient ruins, climb sand dunes, and float in the Dead Sea. You’ll have the adventure of a lifetime with people who will be your best friends for the rest of your life. You’ll get to see Israel with no filter. 

Hey Parents! Yallah! Israel is the formative travel experience for teens seeking a hands-on, educational, fun summer. Teens travel through Israel, following a chronological curriculum that brings our history to life. Our trips instill a deep connection to Israel and the Jewish people, develop a sense of pride in Jewish identity and heritage, and inspire a desire to live a meaningful and engaged Jewish life.  Even more, they help teens sharpen skills they will need for college and adulthood.

To learn more about Yallah! Israel, visit: or contact them at or 212-452-6517.




Heller High is based on Kibbutz Tzuba, nestled in the Judean Hills, approximately fifteen minutes outside of Jerusalem, where the students live in dorm style housing. While at Heller High, our students become immersed in the study of the history, culture, and Land of Israel. Find out more HERE .

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