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Adult Programming and Education

Assists the clergy in developing and promoting educational activities and programs primarily for adults of the Congregation to increase knowledge of our Jewish heritage and enrich the religious experience.

Sub-committee: Beth Ahabah Loves Movies (chaired by Ellyn and Steve Sukonick)

Committee Chair: Dana Isaacoff


Oversees the operation and care of the Hebrew Cemetery.

Committee Chair: William B. Thalhimer, III

Tikkun Olam (Council for Social Justice)

Raises awareness of social injustice and Reform Judaism positions on issues of social concern; encourages, enables and empowers the Congregation and Temple leadership to pursue social justice and acts Tikkun Olam; advocates for systemic change and long-term solutions for social injustice.


  • Mt. Moriah Lunch Program
  • Mitzvah Day
  • Home Again

Committee Chair: Vicki Lynn

Family Connection

Fosters Jewish identity and creates interconnectedness among the congregation’s youth, families and other members through Jewish learning and shared experiences; enhances and expands religious school, youth groups and family programs, especially at home and with the synagogue community; helps families grow roots within Beth Ahabah by integrating their Jewish home life with their children’s religious school and synagogue learning and by creating long-lasting friendships with other congregants; transforms Congregation Beth Ahabah to meet members’ needs by looking progressively at the challenges and strengths facing 21st Century Jewish life. 


  • Religious School
  • Chavurot
  • Youth Group

Committee Chairs:  Joel Silverman


Monitors and oversees financial statements; reviews and recommends to the Board of Managers CBA’s annual budget; and  researches and recommends major expenditures not provided for in the annual budget.


  • Audit
  • Chai Society
  • Giving Circles (chaired by Lisa Kaplan)

Committee Chair: Lee Katz

House and Grounds

Oversees the maintenance and upkeep of the property of the Congregation; ensures that the property of the Congregation is in good order and repair; and maintains a capital budget.

Sub-committee: Security (chaired by Harold Blumenfeld)

Committee Chair: Larry Salomon

Leadership Development

Recruits and educates leaders for the Congregation; oversees board retreats, planning sessions, and Board of Managers’ self-evaluations; and serves as the nominating committee.

Committee Chair: Katie Roeper


Focuses on attracting, welcoming, engaging and retaining members, and helping them find a lifelong place within the Congregation.

Sub-committee: Beth Ahabah Cares (chaired by Laurie Skiles)

Committee Chair: Carol Ann Callahan


Religious Practices

Aids the clergy in promoting the religious life of the Congregation and home observance. 

Committee Chair: 

Beth Ahabah Museum & Archives

Collects, preserves and interprets the history and culture of Richmond’s Jewish Community.

Committee Chair:  Martin Miller

Brotherhood (Men of Reform Judaism)

Engages in activities and projects that provide meaningful service to the congregation and the community.

Committee Chair:  Jeff Lavelle

Sisterhood (Women of Reform Judaism)

Enhances the collective presence, voice and strength of the Congregation’s female members and supports Temple and Religious School activities as well as political and social causes in the Richmond community and around the world.

 Committee Chair:  Meg Marshak


Oversees the management of the Congregation and advises the board regarding membership, personnel, budget and actions deemed to be of an emergency nature. 

Committee Chair:  Larry Salzman

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