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Generations Capital Campaign Update

Phase I is almost complete! As we finish-up Phase I of the Capital Campaign, we are excited to announce a new opportunity that will help us address the preservation needs of our historic and inspirational space.
As part of Phase I, we conducted a “Needs Assessment” on our Sanctuary building to determine the items warranting attention.  Included are a new roof, ceiling repairs, rusty fire escapes, and leaky windows. 
As good stewards of our historic property, we know how important it is to address these issues and yet a gap between original estimates and actual projected costs of Phase I, prohibited us to simultaneously focus on restoration and new construction.
Great news! Beth Ahabah applied for and was the first Synagogue to be accepted into a national grant program through Partners for Sacred Places. Additionally, after learning more about the Temple’s successful Capital Campaign and conducting a site visit, Partners for Sacred Places offered Beth Ahabah a matching grant of $250,000, their maximum funding for a single institution!
Goal One:  We have already begun raising funds to meet grant requirements. Based on an assessment of restoration needs, our goal is to now raise another $400,000 to address the issues critical to the preservation of our historic sacred space. 
Goal Two:  In keeping with Phase I, we have a second goal of equal importance, which is to involve every congregant. In fact, congregational-wide participation is so important that our Grantor, Partners for Sacred Places, is covering the costs for all fundraising and preservation educational materials, in additional to the $250,000 grant.
Reaching beyond our Congregation: While every link is critical to the strength of the entire chain, with the preservation project, we hope to add links to our congregational chain.
Thanks to a Study called the “Economic Halo Effect of Sacred Places” conducted by the Partners for Sacred Places as part of our Grant, Beth Ahabah is in a unique position to approach the broader Richmond Community for support. 
Impacting our Community: The Halo Study is based on 22 years of scientific research, in which the contributions of urban congregations housed in historic buildings were quantified. The methodology includes factors such as:
  • Support to and spending with local businesses
  • Facilities maintenance costs
  • Visitor spending
  • Activities that promote community economic development
  • Impact on individuals’ lives

The Halo Economic Study on Beth Ahabah reveals that, in the past year, including the Capital Project, our congregation’s investment in the Richmond community was four times greater than the average urban faith-based community.
This study helps us make the case to local businesses, that an investment in Beth Ahabah’s historic preservation is an investment in the City of Richmond. We can’t wait to share the news!
How Can I Help?
  • Identify Potential Business Investors: Explore the Halo Economic Study and help us identify businesses that may be inspired to support our historic preservation efforts, based on Beth Ahabah’s economic impact on the Richmond community.
  • Provide Financial Support: Over the past four years we have dreamed together and worked together to make our dreams a reality. Many have already given generously to Phase I of the Generations Capital Campaign and some have even expedited contributions to complete pledges early. Thank you! Thank you!  Please, once again, consider a generous gift to Beth Ahabah…this time for the preservation of our incredible historic sacred space, so that we may continue to be inspired by this magnificent architecture and preserve it’s history for generations to come. Click here to make an additional pledge to the campaign specific to the Historic Preservation Matching Grant. Click here to make an immediate donation now to the Historic Preservation Matching Grant. 

Thank you and Contact us.  Thank you in advance for helping to care for our congregational home and this magnificent sacred space.  Please contact Linda and Earl Ferguson, Katie and Ken Roeper, Larry Salzman, or Rabbi Nagel to learn more about this final project of Phase I.

Fri, February 3 2023 12 Sh'vat 5783